What is Responsive Web Design?

What is responsive web designIn the past couple of years, you may have heard the phrase ‘responsive web design (RWD)’ being thrown around so there have been a lot of questions of what it is exactly. Essentially, responsive website design is the ability to design a website so that it maintains it’s look and ratio’s across a wide range of devices, such as computer monitors, tablets, and phones. While the technology on all of these different devices are expanding exponentially, it’s important for web developers to craft their  designs to meet these changes.

Even as recently as a couple of years ago, sites would look awkward when viewed on other devices. Text would be out of alignment, images would be cut off the screen, sites were hard to navigate resulting in an undesirable viewing experience. Then website designers would just simply develop another separate ‘mobile’ site for clients to address this issue which was a simplified version of a website, without a lot of graphics, videos, or other site  enhancing features.

But as devices began to evolve, so did the techniques website designers would use. Methods such as using percentages as opposed to fixed pixel ratios to define widths of sites and  site elements. Using media queries so that a site knew what type of device was trying to access it and use the defining style sheets accordingly. To this day, techniques and methods continue to evolve in order to provide an optimal viewing experience of sites regardless where they are accessed from.

Which brings us to my favorite website development tool, WordPress. WordPress theme developers caught on  early to the these new techniques of web design and began incorporating it into most of their designs. That why when you are shopping forWordPress  themes, you will often see them advertised as RESPONSIVE, in big, bold letters.

Hope this blog has given you some insight into RWD, and as always, please contact Sadler Web Design for all of your website needs.


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